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Jobbers: MDS recommends custom fabric development for Jobbers. MDS has an extensive open line of products that serve as inspiration to customize the products uniquely based on the needs of the Jobber/Distributor. Please contact our sales reps for further information.

Manufacturers of Furniture, Bedding, Pillows and other Home/fashion Accessories: MDS provides unique advantages to serve you where you are whether that is in China, India, Mexico or any other manufacturing location.

MDS represents a new breed of US Textile Companies that leverage the Triple Convergence of flow of Goods, Information and Capital in the Global Economy to serve its Global Customer Base.

  • Flow of Goods: Global Delivery with strategic warehousing.

MDS leverages the demand in Global Markets to offer its one of a kind Inventory Return Program where a retailer can contract with MDS in a country where they are headquartered and MDS will deliver to all countries directly eliminating the need for Warehousing and Distribution.

  • Flow of Information: Proactive Notification helps planning

MDS Customers can track their orders in a Web Based Order Tracking System.

  • Flow of Capital: Partners in Profits Program

MDS provides flexible payment options like COD , Open Account , LC etc to suit your needs.
MDS is happy to use the Triple Convergence (Flow of Goods, Information and Capital) to offer unique advantages to its customers.


Most Common Questions from Jobbers

 Q: Why should I buy from your company, when you are selling to the designers and retailers?

 A: MDS will create unique and exclusive patterns for each Jobber that they work with. MDS will provide an exclusivity contract to the customer for assurance.

Q: Will MDS undercut my price points because you are the manufacturer of the product?

A: MDS understands the costs involved in Marketing, Stocking and Merchandising the product and incurs similar costs when doing the same activities in each market, so MDS does not undercut the prevailing market prices.

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