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Visit MDS Fabrics at ITMA Showtime Booth # 428 (December 6-9 2009). MDS Fabrics is introducing an amazing selection of natural fabrics at great value for winter 2009.

There are two major trends (Need for Value and Environmentally Sustainable Products) that we have noticed. MDS Fabrics paid attention to the growing demand for these trends and created programs and products working with the help of our customers. MDS fabrics has increased marketing initiatives that are based on relationship marketing concepts by adding social media, one-on-one networking using trade shows, personalized e-mail marketing. The marketing mantra at MDS is 'One to One’-Treat each customer as if they are the only one we have.  We used a co creation model where customer’s ideas have been converted into products to create our Winter 2009Collection.These will be displayed for the first time during the December ITMA Showtime.


  • We are seeing a big trend of seeking value from the products that customers purchase. This value seeking trend spans various price points. Customers on the higher end are seeking fabrics online pokieslike crewels, velvets and silks that are more ornate. Customers on the lower end are seeking fabrics that provide good value for the money. Our marketing initiatives have been of tremendous value in helping MDS fabrics understand the need for value priced products that are readily available. Designers, Manufacturers and the industry in genera l suffering from out of stock items with very long wait times and unsustainable prices when they are competing with ready-made and readily available products that are gaining in quality.  To help with this, MDS fabrics has introduced a program of 150 SKU's that are fully stocked and value priced to serve the designers and their customers.
  • We see a great change in the way customers value custom window treatments, furniture and other accessories. The designers and companies that can provide value will survive blackjack at thrive. We as an industry need to look at the new value oriented customer with respect. We need to look at our operations and see where we can improve the efficiencies by using good management practices and cost-saving efforts and pass the value to the customer. Currently designers and customers feel that the fabrics and other raw materials used in creating a beautiful window treatment are not priced to appeal to the value conscious customers.


  • Customers are definitely looking for more sustainable products that retain value over a long-term. In other terms customers prefer classics that they can cherish for a long time rather than the products that have limited value and have to be replaced in a short time.
  • MDS has introduced a new line of 100% natural and sustainable crewels (wool on wool, wool on Jute) to add sustainable fabrics to our line in support of designers and customers who are demanding sustainable and environment friendly products. Please see the link below for pictures and descriptions of each one of the fabrics. Please download pictures by saving the pictures to your desktop.


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