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MDS Home Collection brings you the traditional art and craft of Crewel Embroidery to Bedding, Throws, Pillows, Rugs, Lampshades and Handbags. Visit us at the High Point Market, Suites at Market Square (M-3024, April 17-22 2010).

These beautiful products that command a premium in the market place and are available to you at Ex-factory prices directly from India or U.S warehouse prices.


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Visit MDS Fabrics at ITMA Showtime Booth # 428 (December 6-9 2009). MDS Fabrics is introducing an amazing selection of natural fabrics at great value for winter 2009.


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Cool Crewel Competition - Rules of Engagement-As simple as 1-2-3…Individual designers, design firms and decorators who use a Crewel fabric from MDS fabrics to make any home furnishings including drapes, pillows, bedding, upholstery are eligible to win.


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MDS-Enriched Living


 MDS continues to focus on improving the global communities in which we do business every day. We are constantly reviewing our processes to make sure we are positively impacting our social, economic and environmental footprint.

 MDS Social Responsibility

Social Impact

Every Executive running a global business knows today that managing global markets is more than a establishing a business process or entering into an emerging industry space. It's about operating in unison with employees, communities and governments to foster greater global economic prosperity and encourage individual achievement.

We believe the social and economic impact  bringing greater balance and sustained order to economic development -- benefits MDS, our employees, customers, share owners and the communities in which we operate.

MDS provides gainful employment over 300 to furstrated youth in developing countries slots and regions like Kashmir thus providing them an oppurtunity to express their creativity and passion for life, thus preventing them from joining the destructive forces thatattempt to attract them to fufill their selfish agendas that result in global destruction.

Economic Impact

MDS benefits employees, share owners and communities through wages, taxes, dividends and charitable contributions. Our goal is to run a financially sound business, in a socially responsible and financially sustainable manner, to ensure our ongoing ability to positively impact the stakeholders with whom we interact every day.

"We believe that running a strong and profitable business leads to greater opportunities for our customers, employees, shareholders and communities."

Environmental Footprint Impact

MDS uses several renewable raw materials like silk, cotton, wool and other natural fibers in addition to the synthetic materials. MDS contributes to the environment by planting trees.

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MDS Moved its Global Headquarters to USA.

MDS will be moving its Global Headquarters from India to USA to serve it customers better. MDS will complete this transition by end of December thus essentially bringing significant warehousing capabilities to better support our customers and cut yardage program.

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