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MDS Announces U.S. Showrooms, Fabric Exchange Program at Showtime

New Warehouse Opens Behind Record Annual Sales

by Marc Weinreich

June 14, 2011


ATLANTA, Georgia – MDS Fabrics, a global manufacturer and exporter of home furnishings and fabrics is opening up satellite showrooms across the U.S. over the next six months and will re-launch its fabric exchange program at Showtime.                                            

The company is also expanding from its 5,000 square-foot Atlanta-based warehouse to one in South  Carolina that is double in size.                                                                                                           

 Under this exchange This makes the process less painful for the addict and allows the body to be slowly weaned off the substances of abuse. program, clients will be able to return rolls of fabrics after six months if it’s not selling as well as expected. The program was last active in 2007 but Eamani suspended it because of a “few bad apples that abused the program.”                                                                                               

“From a retail perspective, the markets were really hurting in 2009 and 2010,” said Sunil Eamani, president. “We’re bringing back the And in case of victory, there you are, off for a samba, which is far better than the Carnival!You will find on Astrotheme thousands of natal charts of celebrities who have the Sun in Aries, horoscope for aries rising, or Mars dominant. program now because we are selling on demand based on the displays at retailers. No one is carrying in bulk anymore.”                          

MDS reported sales of $500,000 in 2010 and initially it projected a 20% increase for 2011 but now, at the close of the second quarter, it is on target to report between one and two million dollars in annual sales by the end of the fiscal year, according to Eamani.     

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MDS (MDS Fabrics ) known for the exquisite hand embroidered Crewel Embroidered Fabrics announced that it is set to launch 10 fabrics that are created using very popular traditional Indian hand embroidery techniques such as Chican, Aari and Adda at the upcoming ITMA showtime in June.

These traditional embroidery techniques are being used to develop patterns ranging from traditional Jacobean florals to modern patterns with the signature MDS’s passion for color. The base fabrics used are natural fabrics like linen with 100% cotton thread for embroidery. This combination is set to provide great collection decorative fabrics suitable for upholstery and drapery.  


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Furniture Today Staff -- Furniture Today, June 7, 2010

HIGH POINT — High-end producer MDS Fabrics  is introducing 10 new hand-embroidered fabrics from India at Showtime here this week.The company said the new designs use traditional Indian hand embroidery techniques such as chican, aari and adda.

MDS is one of over 200 fabric and trim exhibitors at the International Textiles Market Assn.'s semiannual trade show, which began Sunday and runs through Wednesday.


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Sunil Eamani, owner of MDS Fabrics, sees “a lot of natural fabrics with muted color tones to give that natural look. That's what customers are demanding and what I believe fabric manufacturers like us are reacting to.”

MDS has taken its popular patterns and done them in all natural fibers, Eamani said, eliminating dyes and chemicals and capitalizing on the company's hand-weaving capabilities.

Eamani said he gets good customer feedback from an on-line retail store the company uses as a test site, often talking directly to callers. He said many of these customers are moving away from short-term trendy furniture to longer-lasting purchases of environmental sound products.

“They're looking at this as a long-term sustainable investment rather than changing every few years as they have in the past,” he said. “They're looking for true value for the long term.”

Besides greening its product line, MDS also has begun calling manufacturers and asking them to send back their outmoded fabric samples. “We're investing some time in getting the samples back and repurposing them,” Eamani said.

This Showtime, MDS will offer a number of new silks and wool embroidery on silk that Eamani said he hasn't seen in the North American market.


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