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India-based decorative fabric vendor MDS Fabrics is offering a new 150-SKU program of value-oriented stocked fabrics to offset the long lead times and changing prices that often come with imports, said Samutha Kandimalla, president.

“We are seeing a big trend of seeking value from the products that customers purchase,” he said. “This value-seeking trend spans various price points. Customers on the higher end are seeking fabrics like crewels, velvets and silks that are more ornate. Customers on the lower end are seeking fabrics that provide good value for the money. Our introductions at Showtime give that power to furniture manufacturers.”

In addition, MDS will introduce a new line of natural jute crewels to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly fabrics, Kandimalla said."" target="_blank" title="araç kiralama">araç kiralama

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